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State the Outcome the Real Estate Delivers in your Headline

Here you can write a sentence (or two) about how you manage to deliver the outcome you describe above.

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State the Challenge your Client is Having your Product Real Estate can solve

This is where you can connect with your client showing you know the problem they are going through.

State the problem they are having first, and that you understand how painful it is.

List the consequences of the problem they have and how it is impacting their life.

Show that you truly understand the cost of these things.

Then describe that you know exactly how to help them fix it.

That will lead to the next section where you present the steps they need to invest in to get the better outcome you offer.

How Real Estate will help you _____ (Achieve the Outcome they want)

[***NOTE*** This is the list of sections or modules from the product that clearly lays out how each section creates a belief, knowledge, or skillset that will help the ideal customer get from where they start, to the end point of transformation. These steps should logically lead into the other one***]


Headline for the First Step of Transformation

Copy that summarizes the first key point of transformation that you need to learn to move from pain to better future.

If this is a workshop, this could be the first section of a workshop (like a lesson in a video course) explaining what it will cover.

If this is a high-level 1-on-1 coaching program, services delivery, or consulting, the first step would typically be a customer intake form or audit form they need to fill out.

Make them see exactly why this is the first thing they must learn to start their journey from pain (Empathy Copy) to the outcome they want (offer below)

example timeline image description


Headline for the Second Step of Transformation

This is the second part of the workshop if it is a workshop or a high-end group coaching program. Something like a section or module in a video course, where people can see that this is the next thing they need to learn for transformation.

If this is a high-level consulting plan, 1-on-1 coaching plan, or services delivery, you will want to talk about an Audit or initial strategy session that the customer must complete in order to get clear on where they are now, and where they need to go in the future.

The customer should see themselves in the image you present on every block of this page. Make images great!

example timeline image description


Headline of the 3rd Step of Transformation

The customer should now be well on the road to believing in their own transformation by now.

If this is a workshop or a group coaching program, this is the next lesson, or section or day in a workshop.

If this is a high-level 1-on-1 consulting or coaching, or the delivery of a service, this would typically be a strategic plan that comes from the Strategy Session you conducted in Step 2.

Remember, with your images and your text, you are telling them the story of their future transformation.

They will probably only read the headline and then look at the image to get the big picture. But they may stop and read the fine print (like you are reading now).

So make the big picture points with headline and image, and then explain in more detail (but have a great story!) if they read this far.

example timeline image description


The Last Step in the Transformation

You can have more than 4 steps of course in the journey of transformation in a workshop or a group coaching program.

If this is 1-on-1 coaching or consulting, or the delivery of a service, the step here would probably be the delivery of the plan based on the last strategy delivered.

Again, you may have more than 4 steps in your delivery process (such as adding a rehearsal before an event, or perhaps a review after an event, and even adding ongoing consulting or coaching services).

So try to use either 4, 6, or 8 steps, as the even pictures next to each other make the timeline look the best!

Remember again to spend a lot of time looking for great images that match your headlines. Images tell a story in a millisecond.

Go to for free images, or for paid images (really high quality)

example timeline image description


Make the Offer Headline Strong Here

Now that you have shown the steps to a better future in your product timeline, now it's time to summarize the offer and introduce the main benefits to the client of the offer.

You can also add here the Call to Action and the steps in the process to getting a decision to join the program such as:

To find out if this program is the right investment to help you _______ (Solve a problem and/or achieve their goal), here is how it works:

  1. Click on this Button and Answer a few Short Questions about yourself.
  2. Enter your Contact Details to register your interest.
  3. Schedule a time to speak to me or a member of my team.

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Product Features for Real Estate

This a visual summary of the entire product. Summarize the key features such as the training content, the support, community, and any one-on-one or group coaching offered with the product.


Some feature


Some feature


Some feature


Some feature


What our Clients Say about Us

example person image description
Author #1 Company #1
Testimonial #1
example person image description
Author #2 Company #2
Testimonial #2
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Author #3 Company #3
Testimonial #3

Frequently Asked Questions for Real Estate

  • What is the first, most obvious question someone asks when they are trying to decide to buy the product?
    • Answer that question right here, and try to link back to parts of the page above that answer the question. Or you can link to the checkout page at the end of the question.

  • What is the next most obvious question someone would ask to buy the product?
    • Again, answer this question and either link to the checkout box part of the page, or straight to the checkout page for one or both of the offers once you answer the question.

  • Ask a question about who this product is designed to help. Then you can answer that question for those unsure.
    • Summarize exactly who this product is designed to help, and then you can link to the pricing box or the checkout links on the page.

  • Ask a question about how the product works to achieve the outcome the client works. Then you can answer that and summarize the key product features.
    • List all the key product features here and then link to the pricing box on the page or straight to the checkout pages.

  • How do I know this product will work for me? (This question allows you to highlight any guarantees you offer for the product, or assure them it will work for them).
    • Describe here any guarantees on your product qualify, or the refund policy for the product.

      Then link to the pricing box and/or the checkout links for each product on the page.

Summarize the Main Benefit of the Product Real Estate

The Customer has made it down to the bottom of the page, and has read (or at least scanned) the page, use this area to inspire them to click on the button and buy the product. If you have a special discount, or offer, highlight the need to act.

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