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For Buyers – What kind of home do you visualize? We’ll discuss your timeline, locations, price-point and how we will find your new home. If you are ready, this consultation will also help you formulate an action plan...

For Sellers – What will improve in your life by moving? Let’s determine your home’s current value. What will help it to sell faster? What can be done to maximize its value? Planning on buying another home? Can you do both at once? How about costs and timing?

We’ll cover all these topics and more…  

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Life Changing Events

"The Mitchell Team takes the stress out of buying and selling - they make it FUN!"


Things change.

Whether it’s by design or surprise; or if it’s simply life happening…  

Whatever the reasons, your current place is not working, and you need a new home.

You want options…

Talking to us is absolutely FREE, and yes, we can help! 

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Selling Your First Home?

We reduce stress and maximize your profit, making it simple, interesting and educational!


Your first home has been great. But life happens, and it no longer works.

It's time for a change... 

The thought of all of this is overwhelming!

Let's work together to navigate this journey to a better future.

Remember - talking to us is absolutely FREE.

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Still Paying Rent?

The choices you make now affect your future, so let's get it right.


We understand. 

You're really tired of paying rent and having no control over your living space… You want a yard… and off-street parking!

The transition from renting to owning is transformative and can be overwhelming. 

Working together, we will help you gain control and build wealth!  

Talk to us to get it right. 

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Clients are Saying…

Eric Olmon & Chethana Kulkarni
My wife and I had a wonderful experience with The Mitchell Team. James and Patricia were very patient and answered all of our questions, which was important for us as first time home buyers. They were always cheerful, and they were willing to work with our busy schedules. They also have an excellent network of mortgage officers, lawyers, inspectors, and contractors! We highly recommend The Mitchell Team to anyone looking for a house on the North Shore.
Kate & Scott Heinze
The Mitchell Team helped us purchase our first home and really helped guide us through the process by providing knowledge to help us make informed decisions. Four years later, we called them back to help us sell. They are prompt, educated, and personable. They had our house beautifully photographed, listed, and sold in no time. Throughout the selling process, they were taking us to look at new houses. With 3 kids in tow, one team member was gracious enough to play with our kids while the other would show us the potential houses. They have fantastic systems in place that allow them to really focus on serving their client's interests.
Ian Cannon
The Mitchell Team made my home buying experience easy. They incorporate tools and educated me about the home buying process. I received customized listings, and had great support in arranging showings. They recommended a real estate attorney, who was excellent. Both Patricia and James have comprehensive knowledge of houses and construction, and have referred me to top trades people. The Mitchell team really takes the stress out of home buying, and make it fun.


  • What is my house worth and how will you market it to get the best possible price?
    • We provide comprehensive market analysis reports to determine your home’s value and current market conditions. During our consultation we will be happy to review these findings along with a hassle-free strategic plan customized to your specific needs.

  • I need to sell my house and buy another one. How can you help me?
    • This is a balancing act and one that takes expertise, hard work and thoughtful planning.  It is also something we have done successfully - literally hundreds of times. Contact us today for your no obligation consultation.  

  • I am looking to buy a home. How can you help me find one without overpaying for it?
    • Even in a challenging market there are still homes to buy. We have multiple strategies that help our clients win – and offering the highest price is rarely the only factor. First, let us reveal the hidden homes inventory and then we can discuss the methods that will help place your offer on the top of the seller’s pile! 

  • I like doing things myself. The internet gives me everything I need… So why should I hire you?
    • Surgeons, Attorneys, Tax Accountants, Mechanics and IT people are all examples of professionals you will hire when great expertise is needed. Buying and selling real estate are the biggest financial investments you will ever make. We know you are smart and resourceful, but even bright, capable people simply do not have the experience that having successfully closed on nearly 500 homes has given us. Doesn’t it make sense to find out - for FREE - what a difference an experienced real estate team can offer you?

  • What will it cost me to work with you?
    • If you are a BUYER, we get paid from the transaction, by the SELLER, when the house you purchase successfully closes. If you are a SELLER, we get paid at the closing with a commission based on a percentage of the closing price only if the house sells. Commissions vary from Real Estate Agents and their companies and are also dependent on the levels of service provided. 

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